Erasmus Mundus Series

Join us for an exciting four-day Erasmus Mundus Series, “Nurturing the Next Generation,” as we illuminate the path to success and share invaluable insights into Erasmus Mundus scholarships. From November 2nd to 5th, starting at 7 PM Nepal time, we have gathered a lineup of distinguished guests, each with a unique perspective on the world of Erasmus Mundus. With many scholarships for Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees now open for the 24-26 application period, this series is perfectly timed to guide you through the process.
Nirajan Khadka – Country Representative for Erasmus Mundus
Topic: “Erasmus Mundus Nepal: Opening Doors to International Education”
Nirajan Khadka will shed light on the opportunities and resources available for aspiring Erasmus Mundus scholars in Nepal.
Kailash Pandey – Erasmus Mundus Alumni & PhD Scholar
Topic: “Navigating Your Career After Erasmus: A Personal Erasmus Journey”
Kailash Pandey shares his post-Erasmus experiences and the impact of the program on his career
Sagar Kafle – Recent Erasmus Scholar (23-25)
Topic: “Crafting the Perfect Motivational Letter and Stellar Recommendations”
Sagar kafle will offer insights into crafting compelling motivational letters and securing valuable recommendations.
Prabesh Rai – Recent Erasmus Scholar (23-25)
Topic: “CV, Mastering Documentation and Navigating the Erasmus Mundus Application Process”
Prabesh Rai will provide comprehensive guidance on the documentation and the application process.
Whether you’re a prospective scholar, an Erasmus Mundus enthusiast, or simply curious about international education opportunities, this series promises to be a wellspring of knowledge. Don’t miss the chance to explore the world of Erasmus Mundus with our esteemed guests and prepare for a brighter, more informed future. Your journey begins here!